Wednesday, April 2, 2014

pre t vs one year on t

one year on t!

Anonymous asked: Mind my ignorance and lack of knowledge on the subject, but what exactly went through your mind when you came to the position of being male and not female?

erm i’m not sure tbh, i knew something wasn’t right when i hit puberty and it wasn’t until i start anti-depressants and researching things online that i realised being trans was a thing and it fitted in with what i was feeling. i was very dysphoric about my chest, voice, and body shape (i still am). i hope this somewhat answers you because i really don’t know what was going on haha

Anonymous asked: Hi Dylan, here from reddit as well. I think your transformation is amazing. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be in a body that you weren't comfortable in. I am grateful to never have to know, and I am happy that you have had support throughout this transition. I love how much the testosterone has made you have thick, coarse man-stomach hair! Are you going to have full gender reassignment surgery (or have you already)? Or are you content with the outward perception? Bestofluck!

thank you! me too! my stomach hair is my pride and joy haha. i have had chest reconstruction and i don’t know if i’m having bottom surgery yet, i’m still undecided :) i am very content nowadays. thank you againĀ 

Anonymous asked: So have you noticed people treating you differently since you pass as a man? Also you better make use of that T and get your skinny ass to the gym! Respect bro haha

Yes, particularly children haha. They seem a lot more wary of me and cry when I talk to them as my voice is different hahaha. I know I really need to! I have no motivation though

Anonymous asked: Hi Dylan, I found your site via Reddit and was very surprised to hear your English accent as I'd assumed you'd be an American like the rest of Reddit! Its a shame you could get your surgery on the NHS, why did they turn you down? Hope thats not too personal a question but I didn't think they refused anyone. Anyway, good luck in the future and hope you're happier now. :) ...R

I know, I think it’s very important to show the English side as many English transmen can’t access resources and information in this country! No, I went privately for my whole translation because the nhs waiting times were too long and I (very fortunately) had the funds available. Thanks very much :)

higherfunction asked: just saw your post on reddit and it seems kinda weird to say this to a complete stranger but wow I'm really happy for you and you look amazing :)

Thank you very much pal, my sister actually posted it (with my permission of course) but I’m glad to see people are liking it :) x

Anonymous asked: Hey just want to give you a shout out for being so awesome! Glad to see you don't let those ignorant haters phase you. Much love my man!!!

Cheers! :) thanks very much!

shineygoomy asked: I read about your transition and saw that you don't identify with any gender. Firstly, congrats on getting this far! Your journey was really beautiful and interesting to see. I hope I don't offend you with this question, but do you aim for an androgynous look, or do you have any particular lean to any gender in terms of appearance? I think you look rad btw.

Thank you :) yes I lean more to towards masculine and prefer to be read as male than female, hence why I am undergoing a ftm transition but in my myself, I am non-gendered.

lisamillar asked: Came here via Reddit. Nothing to say except huge admiration for you. My BF has transitioned the other way, M to F, and I'm so proud of her and how much she has achieved. She's beautiful. It's amazing to see 'in reverse' as it were; the difference testosterone has made to your body over the year is astonishing. You're a gorgeous young man! Wishing you all the very best for your future x

Thank you very much :D and all the best for your friend!